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Ndam Remi Nde, born on August 14, in Bamenda, Cameroon, is better known by his stage name Remiray. Remiray is a Cameroonian at heart but currently resides in Toronto, Canada. He is a talented recording artist, songwriter, and performer who deservedly became known around Toronto as one of the best Afro-beats and Afro-fusion sensations to watch out for.


Remiray enjoys creating music in his past time, and his first ever recorded song was, ‘My Lady’. However, His official musical journey began when he got signed by a record label, Emperor Music. His first song under them was titled, ‘Back to Back’. The song created a lot of buzz as to who this new artist was. The song was also noticed by Cameroonian legend Petit Pays who decided to feature on it. Next came his album, Love Expression, which was released in August 2018. The album includes 17 songs of varying sounds, beats, and instruments, which quickly created a following of fans for him. He went on to receive, Best Male Artist 2018, at the Kilimanjaro Awards in Toronto. In April 2019, Remiray featured Cameroonian singer and songwriter Magasco on his single titled, ‘Joka’. The song went on to win him, Best Song of the Year 2019, again at the Kilimanjaro Awards, in Toronto, and also became a fan favourite.


Performance is an important part of being an artist and something Remiray enjoys greatly. According to Remiray, the most rewarding part about being an artist is to connect with the fans and to be able to witness people singing and dancing along to his music. If you are a fan then you will know that he is a man of love songs. Remiray writes from his heart, and he is very passionate about his music and sound. He writes for his fans and the people. To him, it’s about spreading the sounds of Afro-beats and the love of music to all. Creating music comes naturally to Remiray, who is working on his second studio album. Remiray is here to stay as an artist, with his unique sounds and humbling personality. 


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